Wear It Berlin: The Organizer of Wear It Innovation Summit 2020

The Wear It Innovation Summit to be held in Berlin in 2020 with a title of Wear it Berlin has been postponed for up to 2021 in compliance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany due to the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19.

About Wear IT Summit

Wear It Innovative Summit is one of the leading conferences of Europe that offers a platform to the professionals in the business of wearable technologies for the last 7 years. In this summit, many innovators and start-ups who introduce game-changing wearable technologies and their use in commercial products, meet the present leading executives of the industry.

The actual developers of wearable products have organized Wear It Innovation Summit as the only even for introducing the innovators and start-ups to the industry leaders. Being game-changers they have accurate information about the changes these innovative wearable technologies can make in their business as new solutions are required in various existing industries

What is Wear in Berlin?

Several major brands including H&M, Siemens, Elten Shoes and Stihl, etc. have commissioned and agency, Wear in Berlin, not only to develop actual wearable products for their customers but also to start new businesses at commercial level.

Who should attend this summit?

All the leaders in the innovative wearable industry should attend the Wear It Innovative Summit as the main purpose of this submit is to allow the decision-makers, executives, innovative leaders and R&D professionals looking for promising game-changing and innovative solutions for their business along with media people and investors to meet innovators and startups trying for commercial production of the wearable technologies developed by them.

Introduction of Equivital

Equivital is a company that develops human monitoring products based on wearable technologies to ensure the health of healthy people by providing accurate data of mobile humans precisely in real-time.

The world-class wearable products developed by Equivital allow you to measure and see the physical data of any person from anywhere. Some of the products developed by Equivital by using wearable technologies include:

TnR or Training and Research

TnR is one of the products introduced by Equivital to meet the requirements of various types of researchers to provide them a monitoring solution to get real-time information about human physiology flexibly and wirelessly. You can use the products offered by Equivital for your research as they have been approved by CE and FDA.

Black Ghost for monitoring safety and health

Equivital has introduced a monitoring system, Black Ghost, for monitoring the performance, health, and safety of your teams in real-time. The process of making a decision was never as easy as it has become with the support of data of location, sensor, and physiological condition of any individual.

Orann for monitoring trials in the clinic

Equivital has offered Orann as a smooth and easy solution for the researchers working on a number of subjects in a clinic on a trial basis. This wearable product can manage retrospective and real-time data, as well as physiological data on various parameters during clinical trials.

Thus, the companies like Equivital should attend the Wear It Innovative Summit organized by the members of Wear it Berlin, an agency to meet with the innovators and startups with new ideas of wearable products.


Get bronze etching services from Qualitetch.

For several years metal etching has been used in manufacturing industries. It has become a very common process that allows manufacturers to make permanent designs on top of metals. There are several methods to create designs on the surface of metals. However, the end result of all of them is not the same. Moreover, the longevity of each one of them varies among others. Metal etching has so far been proved to be the best form of the designing process used by industries. Bronze etching is one of the most popular forms of metal etching that is prevalent in the manufacturing industries.

Bronze etching is conducted to create graphics or designs on the surface of phosphorus bronze. You must be aware of the fact that phosphor bronze is a strong alloy that is not easy to etch. It is characterized as having a fine grain structure and being very tough. It also has a low coefficient of friction due to the presence of other metals that are used to make this alloy. When a manufacturing unit wants to make any design or graphic on the surface of the alloy, they have to use bronze etching techniques. The etching is done by removing some metal from the surface. The etching process results in a design that is durable and long-lasting.

Phosphor bronze is a versatile material that can be used for several purposes. There are several industries and sectors that use this alloy to create things like pieces of jewellery, lead-frames, signs, contacts, and other decorative items among others. If you are looking for bronze etching services, you must look out for a reliable company. If you look around you, there are several companies offering etching services that you can hire. It is important to find the experts in the market. It is important to visit someone whose services are renowned in the market. When it comes to creating intricate designs on the phosphor bronze, not every etching company is able to create a masterpiece. If you are looking to manufacture quality components, you should try phosphor bronze etching services offered by Qualitetch. They are renowned for their best service that helps to create high-quality etched materials.

At Qualitetch, they focus on keeping the needs of customer at the forefront. Their customer-friendly policy has made the customers keep returning to them for all their future etching needs. They work closely with each one of their customers to ensure all their requirements are fulfilled. After all, a happy customer is not only a returning one but also a door of newer ones. It means that when a customer is happy with the services of a company, they would refer the company to their friends or acquaintances who will visit the etching company for their needs.

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The Leading Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Cambridge

Abbreviated as ASHPs, Air source heat pumps are systems that transfer heat from the interior to exterior of buildings, or vice versa. They are appropriate for an extensive array of buildings not to add they are suitable for low point environmental impact tasks. When compared to other cooling and heating technologies, they have high efficiencies, which means you’ll typically utilize less fuel when using one to cool or heat your home.

There are several benefits to cooling and heating your building with an air source heat pump including:

  1. Safe and Easy to Use

When using an ASHP, there is no combustion involved. This means there is no emission of any potential dangerous gas that can cause detrimental health effects. ASHPs are inexpensive to operate when compared with direct electric heating components.

  1. Require Less Maintenance

Air source heat pumps have a longer life span than combustion boilers. They require little maintenance than their counterpart combustion based heating components. When using an ASHP, you eliminate the need to oversee fuel delivery.

  1. Save Carbon Emissions

ASHPs, unlike burning gas, biomass or oil, don’t produce carbon emission on site. Based on studies, if a renewable source of power is used to run it, an ASHP does not produce carbon outflows at all.

The Leading Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Cambridge

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When the time to select an HVAC company to install an ASHP in your Cambridge home or building comes handy, we know you’re likely to have many options. That’s why we wish to inform you that when you select Cambridge Renewable Energy Center for your ASHP installation needs, you will be dealing with professional installers willing to make your home or building more comfortable and healthier area to be in.

Professionally Trained Technicians

Here at Cambridge Renewable Energy Center, we only hire technicians who are considered the best of the best in the industry. As your air source heat pump installer, be certain that the task involved will be done accordingly the first time by our team.

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Our good reputation is determined by your satisfaction. As your ASHP installer, we will only leave your place once we are sure you’re extremely happy and satisfied with our job. Our technicians are friendly always and display an expert appearance and attitude.

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Our company is insured, and this shows you will be compensated should you suffer from any damage caused by our team.

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Engrave vs Etching

Even though both of these two processes may seem like they are the same and shares some common factors, they are both however completely different from one another. Understandably, these two terms may confuse people sometimes but it’s important to know that these two terms refer to two completely separate processes that utilize different methods. When it comes to utilizing lasers to make images, markings or design in a particular material chosen specifically for the project, the engraving and etching techniques both have different benefits. Laser engraving and laser etching are unique examples of the applications of laser technology that has their risks, the profile of requirements, applications as well as characteristics.

What is the Difference between Laser Engraving and Etching?

The Way Etching and Engraving Works

Laser engraving makes a cavity through the surface of the material which will leave a cavity that will uncover the writing or image that can be seen with naked eyes and can be touched. On the other hand, laser etching removes the upper layer of the material without needing to cut directly into the material as well as making any openings. Laser engraving is done by utilizing a beam of laser with high intensity and heat to make the surface of the material to vaporize whereas the machines that are used for the laser etching process are much less powerful as it only provides a small percentage of the cutting capabilities.

The Flexibility of the Materials

Laser etching and laser engraving have a wide variety of applications in real life and they may be used by using many kinds of materials. It’s important to know the fact that laser engraving is highly effective on almost every material that you choose to use and that includes materials like plastics, metals, wood, acrylic, leather, glass and even materials that are soft such as paper. The laser etching method may have some effects on the materials’ surface as it may change the enhancing contract and reflectivity of the material. Some of the best materials that are highly recommended for the laser etching process are anodized and bare aluminum, stainless steel, plated metals, ceramics as well as polymers.

The Level of Laser Intensity or Power

The machines that are usually used for the laser engraving process are controlled by a unique software that enables the user to adjust the settings of the laser. In the laser settings, the user may adjust everything about the laser from the movements speed of the laser to the number of times that the laser will pass onto the surface of the material or also known as the frequency of the laser may be adjusted by the user at any time that is needed. The laser experts may also change the power settings of the laser to switch from laser etching to laser engraving as both of these methods have different laser power.



If you are looking for the best way of getting something engraved on the metal then you will need to find out what is chemical etching process. It is a very effective and affordable way of etching onto the different surfaces according to your requirements. It is also referred to as chemical milling, metal etching or photo etching that helps in producing highly accurate and complex metal components.
This process makes use of the enchant chemistry for ensuring that you will get the desired quality of work within a short span of time. Hence this process can also be called as highly accurate manufacturing process that is used for producing high precision metal parts that are used for different applications. You can chemically etch the parts of the metal parts that you need according to your requirements and specifications so that you will enjoy using a technology that will produce large quantities of products in a short duration of time.
Knowing what is chemical etching process is very important for making sure that you select the best option for your manufacturing needs and this will depend on your technological needs and kind of metal that needs to be processed. The thickness of the metal also plays an important role in determining the kind of design
that you want to etch on the metal sheets so that you will enjoy using this process for a wide number of applications. You will need to take into account the speed of the manufacturing operation and the quality of cut that you need for making sure that the chemical etching process is carried on successfully. Moreover, you will need to make use of corrosive chemicals for selectively etching the specified areas of the metal sheets so that you will get the best quality product from this process. In this process the metal sheet is laminated with the help of light-sensitive photo resist that helps in exposing the UV lights which eventually helps in transferring the CAD image of component.
There are many advantages of using chemical etching process and the most important advantage is that it helps you to get photo tooling that is achieved within two hours. You can easily complete the orders for customizing the metal sheets according to the varying needs and requirements of the industrial process. With this process, it will become even easier for you to etch the parts so that it can get to the market at a faster rate and you will not have to worry about longer wait time. It is also known as the most common and popular outsource process that minimizes the wait time and it has been possible with technological advancements.
Therefore you need to add chemical etching into your business process so that you can get the desired outcome quickly for making sure that the required metals are etched in a high quality manner. It is the best way of creating a permanent etched shape or image in the metal so that you will use it according to your business requirements.

manufacturing technology

Mechanical Cutting Advantages

The ability to control a wide range of laser parameters specifically helps convert flat sheets of metal into multiple parts with a variety of properties without the need for tools. Read on to learn about the advantages of laser cutting over mechanical parts.

Cleaner Cuts

The laser allows a smaller and cleaner cut, with intricate details and good edge quality in metal sheets or round, square, rectangular and / or triple tubes. Unlike mechanical parts, wounds sizzle and can be incredibly complex. The laser can also be used to precisely cut wood, plastic, ceramic or wax.

3D laser cutting is also available for parts with unique engineering forms, CNC laser cutting is also available to create curves and create complex 3D structures. The 6-axis laser cutting capabilities allow cutting at any angle required for welding configurations, in addition to achieving the highest precision for easy mounting installation, all in one program cycle.

Greater precision: less waste of minerals

Mechanical cutting includes contamination and wear of the blades in the cutting machines, but the lasers do not have a physical surface for wear, so they can cut as many similar products as you need without corrosion. Laser cutting also produces greater consistency from one part to another. Laser cutting is not just for cutting parts. Laser beams can cut holes directly through metal holes, or even against holes.

In addition, since the laser is very precise, there are fewer waste materials surrounding the cut. In addition, since there is less waste material, you can reduce the time and effort required by cleaning daily.

Minimum operator intervention

Laser machines are easy to use and do not require much skill or training. With modern and modern laser cutting machines, the number of steps that require human action has been greatly reduced, allowing parts to overlap more efficiently due to the greater programming flexibility.

The fastest production

Most lasers also come with automatic loading / unloading characteristics, which increases the efficiency of the operation of lasers during employee breaks or during lunch, which allows for much faster element production.

Most lasers also come with automatic loading / unloading characteristics, which increases the efficiency of the operation of lasers during employee breaks or during lunch, which allows for much faster element production.

With a laser, you will get the exact parts you need faster and more profitably than other types of machines. The laser can be used to cut carbon steel up to 1 “, stainless steel up to 0.5” and aluminum up to 0.375 “.