Wear It Berlin: The Organizer of Wear It Innovation Summit 2020

The Wear It Innovation Summit to be held in Berlin in 2020 with a title of Wear it Berlin has been postponed for up to 2021 in compliance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany due to the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19.

About Wear IT Summit

Wear It Innovative Summit is one of the leading conferences of Europe that offers a platform to the professionals in the business of wearable technologies for the last 7 years. In this summit, many innovators and start-ups who introduce game-changing wearable technologies and their use in commercial products, meet the present leading executives of the industry.

The actual developers of wearable products have organized Wear It Innovation Summit as the only even for introducing the innovators and start-ups to the industry leaders. Being game-changers they have accurate information about the changes these innovative wearable technologies can make in their business as new solutions are required in various existing industries

What is Wear in Berlin?

Several major brands including H&M, Siemens, Elten Shoes and Stihl, etc. have commissioned and agency, Wear in Berlin, not only to develop actual wearable products for their customers but also to start new businesses at commercial level.

Who should attend this summit?

All the leaders in the innovative wearable industry should attend the Wear It Innovative Summit as the main purpose of this submit is to allow the decision-makers, executives, innovative leaders and R&D professionals looking for promising game-changing and innovative solutions for their business along with media people and investors to meet innovators and startups trying for commercial production of the wearable technologies developed by them.

Introduction of Equivital

Equivital is a company that develops human monitoring products based on wearable technologies to ensure the health of healthy people by providing accurate data of mobile humans precisely in real-time.

The world-class wearable products developed by Equivital allow you to measure and see the physical data of any person from anywhere. Some of the products developed by Equivital by using wearable technologies include:

TnR or Training and Research

TnR is one of the products introduced by Equivital to meet the requirements of various types of researchers to provide them a monitoring solution to get real-time information about human physiology flexibly and wirelessly. You can use the products offered by Equivital for your research as they have been approved by CE and FDA.

Black Ghost for monitoring safety and health

Equivital has introduced a monitoring system, Black Ghost, for monitoring the performance, health, and safety of your teams in real-time. The process of making a decision was never as easy as it has become with the support of data of location, sensor, and physiological condition of any individual.

Orann for monitoring trials in the clinic

Equivital has offered Orann as a smooth and easy solution for the researchers working on a number of subjects in a clinic on a trial basis. This wearable product can manage retrospective and real-time data, as well as physiological data on various parameters during clinical trials.

Thus, the companies like Equivital should attend the Wear It Innovative Summit organized by the members of Wear it Berlin, an agency to meet with the innovators and startups with new ideas of wearable products.