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Importance of Air Conditioning Services

Summer air conditioning service is essential for air conditioners. We all know why an air conditioning unit is installed at our home and office: to make us feel comfortable in a hot and humid environment. During summer, you need air conditioning services because you want your aircon unit to serve you longer and well-maintained.

Here are the reasons why you should always call aircon servicing companies when it’s summer:

1.) Clean the indoor and outdoor units that dirt could damage its components which will cause breakdowns or trouble in cooling functions. It has been known that there are bacteria, fungi, mold, pollen, dust mites, and others living around your AC compressor fan blades and motor, even if they’re hidden in aircon grills.

2.) Check for air leaks, check air filter, clean or replace aircon ducts if necessary. This will help you save more on your electric bill. Suppose the air filter is not working well. In that case, it can’t stop dust particles from entering your air conditioner components, leading to frequent repairs for blocked cooling fins of the compressor motor, engine coils, and dirty/blocked evaporator inside the airconditioning unit cabinet.

3.) Keep it adequately lubricated. Proper lubrication prevents the parts of the air conditioning unit from wearing out early by allowing smooth movements of its components, including A/C compressor fan blades that cause more wear and tear when they rub against each other due to lack of oil on the blade bearings that’s why aircon servicing companies like Affordable Aircon recommend lubrication for air conditioners at least once a year, before summer.

4.) Test air conditioning capacitor. It is essential to test air conditioning capacitors during airconditioning unit repair and maintenance services because they can supply the high voltage needed for motor start and run by keeping stored energy in an electrical field, which allows the air conditioning motor to start functioning well. Overloading the system due to defective aircon capacitor could result in overheating, causing fire hazards, so always call aircon service providers if you think your air conditioning compressor needs replacement of capacitors or other parts such as condenser fan motors.

5.) Check belts. When aircon repair and maintenance companies check air conditioning units in your home or office, replacing broken belts can be done during air conditioner servicing.

Reliable air conditioning companies should do proper airconditioning servicing and aircon repair and maintenance services to increase the air conditioner life span while providing you with a comfortable air conditioning environment.

It is also worth noting that aircon breakdowns are more common during summertime when air conditioners work overtime trying to cool down buildings and rooms, resulting in overworked and overheated compressors and evaporators. Therefore, it makes sense there will be a higher chance of aircon air conditioning units breakdowns.

Several air con air conditioning systems manufacturers released air conditioners models that come with aircon air conditioning remote monitoring systems which can help you keep an eye on your air conditioning system to avoid future breakdowns and unexpected costs. Also, most of the high-quality air conditioning units nowadays feature automatic mode settings or auto-swing functions that allow users to regulate room temperature without manual adjustments. This means if you are too lazy or busy for this simple task but still want to enjoy a relaxed environment indoors, turn on your air conditioner by using a particular app and set a timer, so it will do everything itself.

Air Conditioning

Tips For Choosing the Best Air Conditioner Services Near Me

Choosing the right air conditioner services isn’t an easy task because there are various factors that’ll influence your decision. Air conditioner services, such as installation, repair, and maintenance, requires intelligence, experience, and professionalism. Therefore, you should avoid doing the task on your own because you’ll commit costly mistakes. In addition, the DIY might seem cheap, but that ain’t the fact. Finding the best air conditioner firm is a good idea because you’ll obtain top-notch services. Below are things to consider when hiring air conditioner services near me.

  1. Experience

Professionalism goes hand in hand with enough experience. The best air conditioner firm should have considerable years of experience. Basically, choose a firm with more than five years of experience. Experienced air conditioner installers will opt for smart techniques that will improve work efficiency. A reliable air conditioner installer should use strategies that will satisfy clients’ wants. In addition, an expert with in-depth information about different types of an air conditioners. There are different things you should consider when installing different types of an air conditioners.

  1. License and Insurance Cover

Legal documents are key when it comes to air conditioner servicing. An authorized firm will provide quality services within the scheduled period. It’s important to ensure that the documents are legit and updated. A transparent air conditioner firm with a great reputation will give you concrete information about its services. Working with an unlicensed air conditioner might cause some problems, especially if there are accidents in the line of duty. In addition, an insured firm will cover medical expenses, thus lowering your risk of incurring losses.

  1. Punctuality

The best air conditioner installer should be punctual, especially if you need emergency services. A reputable company will work smart to satisfy clients’ needs. A firm that won’t avail on time will lose customers, thus increasing the risk of incurring unnecessary losses. It’s, therefore, important to analyze and evaluate the services provided by an air conditioner company before coming to a conclusion. Speedy services and punctuality will help you save time and money.

  1. Cost

Different air conditioner firms will charge varying costs. Therefore, it’s important to check the price quotes of several companies before selecting a firm that suits your budget. Avoid firms that quote cheap price tags because some lack experience or some vital legal documents. On the other hand, avoid expensive firms and opt for affordable services that suit your needs.

  1. Online Reviews

Recently, most transparent air companies have official websites where they portray their services and experience. In addition, past clients leave a comment that will guide future clients to make sound decisions. Before hiring air conditioner services, it’s important to check past testimonials. A reputable air conditioner installer has positive reviews and exceptional ratings. Also, you should ask the firm to provide you with at least two past clients who’ll give you more information.


Hiring the best air conditioner services will ensure your air conditioner unit is functioning properly. In addition, there will be no more maintenance costs.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning installation: 9 steps to know

The installation process of a new air conditioner can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider before you make any decisions, which can get complicated. This article will cover some of the most important steps for finding a good installation company.

STEP 1: Research the company before you sign a contract

It’s always best to research the company first before signing anything or agreeing to anything with them. They should provide information about their experience and reviews so that you know what type of service they offer if they’re reputable in your area or not.

STEP 2: Get a written estimate from 3 different companies

Getting estimates from more than one company will help ensure that you’ve gotten an accurate quote by having three options available to compare the prices. Look online and offline, local or national.

STEP 3: Find out if they’re a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors Association

Suppose you know an air conditioning company is not reputable. In that case, it’s always best to look for one with membership with this association because they have signed up and agreed to meet their requirements to be certified.

STEP 4: Be sure the installation process isn’t rushed

It may seem like time is precious when getting your new AC installed, but rushing through the entire thing will only lead to having more problems down the line. Take your time and make smart decisions so that everything runs as smoothly as possible!

STEP 5: Be sure to get replacement parts or a lifetime warranty

You should get a clear warranty with any new installation so that you’re covered if anything goes wrong. If they don’t offer the warranty, make sure to ask for replacement parts if something breaks or there’s an issue with it.

STEP 6: Ask them about their recycling and disposal process

Many companies out there will recycle your old AC unit instead of disposing of it, which is better for the environment because less waste will be created!

STEP 7: Decide before summer starts

As soon as you know you’ll need air conditioning installed, then start looking and doing research right away to ensure everything can get done on time but not rushed again.

STEP 8: Keep an eye on your electric bill for usage after installation

Take a look at your electric bill now and then. If your air conditioner seems to be constantly running, this can make a significant difference in the amount of energy you’re using.

If it is still too warm after installation, call an expert to verify if it’s working.

STEP 9: Get an AC check-up before buying or selling your home.

Check out if there are any repairs needed on your system by getting a professional inspection done. It could save you money down the road. Don’t forget about when trying to sell/buy that property; having an old malfunctioning unit will cost more at closing time, so get it checked out beforehand!

The more you know about the process of installing a central AC, the better equipped you’ll be to find one that meets your needs and budget. We hope this list has helped! Be wise and take your time!