What are glass balustrade

Again, another article on the balustrade when you thought you had enough. However, in this article, you will come face to face with some of the most interesting and shocking revelations about this ancient process of barricading balconies and terraces. For starters, the frameless glass balustrade on the Gold Coast and elsewhere in the world is gaining more and more fame due to its art deco style, along with its strong functionality.

To begin with, the initial meaning of a balustrade describes the dwarf pillars topped by railings that surround an open space, usually a balcony or staircase. In the past, this also served other purposes, such as creating a private place accessible only to a specific group of people or differentiating the king’s bed from other parts of the room. The main function, however, has been the same until now, which is to prevent people from falling off an edge.

Coming to the beauty of these transparent edges today, it will bring sophistication and elegance to your building, without a doubt. Take any design and it will give you an eccentric look that projects your personality and taste. This will certainly increase the curb appeal of the entire property, adding a shine to the resale value. Who doesn’t want to show an exclusive side of their property and make viewers jealous? You can subtly choose transparent glass, without any markings, or you can explore its matte side, which will be incorporated with designs and colors that project the art of decoration.

Unlike the flimsy design of the shutters, the hardware must be rigid to keep the tempered glass in place and prevent it from slipping. The accessories must also match the style and not create a reflection in the vision. When installing frameless panels, much of the resistance is obtained from the panel itself, but the accessories need to be supportive for the future, as there are no posts or railings. The frameless glass balustrade in your Gold Coast home will be laminated and will be 15-19 mm thick, depending on the installation area. The accessories are fixed to the glass panels with strong epoxy adhesives and screwed to the edge of the building with fixing screws. Don’t worry, this is effective for supporting people’s weight and preventing them from falling over the edge.


Subsequently, glass began to be used as a household item and quickly gained popularity due to its refined characteristics. Without complications, you can bring the frameless glass balustrade to your home on the Gold Coast. In the beginning, they were railings with marble handles with complex cuts. These rails can be mounted in places such as stairs and along the balcony or extension to protect the ledge. The newer grills are light and can be placed by the pool or on lighted balconies. The balustrade can be classified into two, frameless and half-confined. In the frameless, the glasses used are of extreme quality, since it has no physical support network and needs to be installed without the intervention of anyone else. The semi-furnished units have steel gratings fixed to the shaft and the glass is reinforced on the pole. They come in a variety of shapes and materials that are attractive and come in a wide range of prices.